Revenue Distribution DFB-Pokal Season 2020/2021


With the DFB Cup, professional soccer is also starting into the 2020/2021 season. The DFB Cup can be of enormous financial importance, especially for smaller clubs. By marketing the TV and audio rights, the DFB will earn several million euros, which will then be distributed proportionally among the teams according to their sporting performance in the competition.

The 2020/2021 season will be a very special season – the premiums will decrease due to the COVID pandemic. Nevertheless, the competition is still attractive!

How exactly are the payments from the DFB-Pokal distributed?

Normally, the DFB Cup rewards are determined before the season and paid out per round depending on the sporting performance of the clubs.

2019/2020, for example, was distributed according to the following key:

In the 1st round, 130,500 euros went to the 24 representatives from the national associations, 175,500 euros to the other 40 clubs.

The second round brought the clubs 351,000 Euro, the third round 702,000 Euro. In the quarter final the clubs gained 1.404 million euro, in the semifinal already 2.807 million euro.

The premiums for the final are not yet fixed at this time. Incidentally, since 2013/2014 there have been no more special payments for clubs involved in matches broadcast live on ARD.

Overall, the DFB Cup bonuses have increased in recent years.

 1st Round2nd Round3rd RoundQuerterfinalSemifinalFinalWinnerMaximum
2019/20130.500 / 175.500351.000702.0001.404.0002.807.000tbd.tbd.tbd.
2018/19121.000 / 166.000332.000664.0001.328.0002.656.0003.500.0004.500.0009.646.000

1st round: Start premiums drop over 20%

As a spokesman for the association confirmed to Kicker Sportmagazin, only 137,000 euros in starting premiums will be paid out in the 2020/21 season. Last year it was up to 175,500 euros:

At first glance, one wonders why the clubs have received different starting bonuses in 2019/20. Background: The difference of 175,500 Euro and 130,500 Euro in the amount of 45,000 Euro will be divided among all participating teams in the national cup. A part of the marketing revenues will be used to support the amateur sector. Accordingly, all clubs that have qualified for the National Cup will receive 45,000 euros less entry fee each.

Here you can find a detailed overview of who qualified for the DFB Cup 2020/2021 and how.

In addition to the entry fee of 137.000 Euro the participants from the 3rd league and below will receive an additional 30.000 Euro for the implementation of the hygiene concepts. It remains to be seen whether this will really be financially viable. It can be assumed that the concept is quite cost-intensive.

Further Income from gate receipts

In addition to the payment from the DFB, the clubs can earn money in particular from gate receipts.

The clubs share the income from gate receipts per match in the DFB Pokal.

Each club receives around 45 per cent from the gate receipts. 10% of the income is used to cover the costs of pitch rental, security services, referees and the Red Cross.

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