Calculation: Revenue Distribution 2020/21

Pillar: Stock 70%

Pillar 1 is distributed according to the key that has been known for years.

Means: There is a five-year ranking for both the clubs of the 1. Bundesliga and the 2. Bundesliga. The last five seasons are evaluated.

The last season played is then more important than the season five years ago. The ratio is 5:4:3:2:1.

As before, in the Bundesliga the first player in this ranking receives 5.8 percent of the proceeds, the last 2.9 percent.

In the 2. Bundesliga, the first receives 1.69 percent and the last 0.75 percent.

A calculation of the distribution of television funds in the 1st Bundesliga season 2020/21 – stock can be found here:

Pillar: Competition 23%

As in Pillar 1, the evaluation in the different table regions is based on a weighted five-year rating (5:4:3:2:1, starting with the last elapsed playing time).

In contrast to Pillar 1, the evaluation is based on a 36er ranking list.

In comparison to Pillar 1, other percentages per table position are also used. The first six clubs in this column will receive the same amount.

A calculation of the distribution of television money in the 1. Bundesliga season 2020/21 – competition can be found here.

Pillar: Sustainability 5%

A 20-year rating is planned with a view to the sporting performance.

Unlike in Pillar 1, however, all seasons are weighted equally here. In addition, 1.Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga are not considered separately.

A calculation of the distribution of the television funds in the 1.Bundesliga season 2020/21 – sustainability can be found here.

Pillar: Young Talent 2%

The distribution is proportional to the minutes of use of U23 players trained in the association in Germany for the current season.

All matches including the 23rd year of life (excluding relegation and extra time) are taken into account.

Foreign players must be registered with a DFB club before reaching the age of 18.

The exact overview of the distribution of television money in the 1.Bundesliga season 2019/20 – Young Talent will soon be available here.