Calculation 2021/22

Calculation DFB-Cup 2021/2022 | Football-Finance.com in €     
Date: 24.08.2021       
RankClubStart BonusRound 2Round 3QuarterfinalSemifinalFinalTotal
1.Borussia Dortmund128.757257.5140000386.271
2.RB Leipzig128.757257.5140000386.271
3.FC Schalke 04128.757257.5140000386.271
4.Holstein Kiel128.757257.5140000386.271
5.Borussia Mönchengladbach128.757257.5140000386.271
6.VfL Wolfsburg128.757257.5140000386.271
7. Jahn Regensburg128.757257.5140000386.271
8.VfL Bochum128.757257.5140000386.271
9.Bayer Leverkusen128.757257.5140000386.271
10.VfB Stuttgart128.757257.5140000386.271
11.SC Freiburg128.757257.5140000386.271
12.Dynamo Dresden128.757257.5140000386.271
13.VfL Osnabrück128.757257.5140000386.271
14.TSG Hoffenheim128.757257.5140000386.271
15.Union Berlin128.757257.5140000386.271
16.1. FC Köln128.757257.5140000386.271
17.FC Augsburg128.757257.5140000386.271
18.Fortuna Düsseldorf128.757257.5140000386.271
19.FSV Mainz 05128.757257.5140000386.271
20.Hannover 96128.757257.5140000386.271
21.FC Hansa Rostock128.757257.5140000386.271
22.Hamburger SV128.757257.5140000386.271
23.FC Ingolstadt 128.757257.5140000386.271
24.Arminia Bielefeld128.757257.5140000386.271
25.Waldhof Mannheim128.757257.5140000386.271
26.FC St. Pauli128.757257.5140000386.271
27.Karlsruher SC128.757257.5140000386.271
28.FC Nürnberg128.757257.5140000386.271
29.TSV 1860 München128.757257.5140000386.271
30.Hertha BSC128.757257.5140000386.271
31.SV Babelsberg 03128.757257.5140000386.271
32.Sportfreunde Lotte128.75700000128.757
33.SC Paderborn128.75700000128.757
34.FC Bayern München128.75700000128.757
35.Eintracht Braunschweig 128.75700000128.757
36.FC Heidenheim128.75700000128.757
37.Erzgebirge Aue128.75700000128.757
38.Bremer SV128.75700000128.757
39.SV Wehen Wiesbaden128.75700000128.757
40.FC Viktoria Köln128.75700000128.757
41.SV Darmstadt128.75700000128.757
42.Würzbuger Kickers128.75700000128.757
43.Preußen Münster128.75700000128.757
44.Eintracht Frankfurt128.75700000128.757
45.VfL Oldneburg128.75700000128.757
46.Türkgücü München128.75700000128.757
47.FC Rot-Weiß Koblenz128.75700000128.757
48.SV Sandhausen128.75700000128.757
49.FC 08 Villingen128.75700000128.757
50.Carl Zeiss Jena128.75700000128.757
51.SV Elversberg 128.75700000128.757
52.SV Meppen128.75700000128.757
53.1. FC Magdeburg 128.75700000128.757
54.1. FC Kaiserslautern128.75700000128.757
55.Werder Bremen128.75700000128.757
56.SSV Ulm 1846 Fußball128.75700000128.757
57.BFC Dynamo128.75700000128.757
58.Wuppertaler SV128.75700000128.757
59.Eintracht Norderstedt128.75700000128.757
60.Greifswalder FC128.75700000128.757
61.SpVgg Bayreuth128.75700000128.757
62.Lok Leipzig128.75700000128.757
63.Weiche Flensburg128.75700000128.757
64.SpVgg Greuther Fürth128.75700000128.757

How exactly are the payments from the DFB-Pokal distributed?

The DFB Cup bonuses are normally determined before the season and paid out for each round depending on the clubs’ sporting performance.

This year, €128,757 will go to the clubs in the 1st round. The second round brings the clubs 257,514 euros, the 3rd round 515,028 euros. In the quarterfinals, the clubs can earn 1.004 million euros, in the semifinals already 2.008 million euros. The bonuses for the final have not yet been determined at this point. Incidentally, since 2013/2014 there have been no more special payments for clubs involved in matches broadcast live on ARD.

Overall, the bonuses from the DFB Cup have always risen steadily in recent years. Since the COVID pandemic, however, the picture has been different.

From the 2022/23 season, premiums from marketing are set to rise by more than 20 percent as a result of the new TV contract.

As in 20/21, however, the DFB will initially pay out only 80 percent of the contractually stipulated revenue from central marketing. In return, all clubs below the 2nd division will receive a one-off amount of EUR 15,000 to implement the hygiene concept.

In addition to the bonuses, the clubs can earn money in particular from spectator revenue. The spectator income per match in the DFB Cup is shared among the clubs. Each club receives about 45 percent from the spectator revenue. 10% of the revenue is used to cover the costs of pitch rental, regulatory services, referees and the Red Cross. In addition, since last season, amateur clubs have benefited from the elimination of the €7,000 expense reimbursement for the visiting club and from the increase in the organization fee from 15 to 25 percent.

Historic Distribution of Revenue

 ClubStart BonusRound 2Round 3QuarterfinalSemifinalFinal
2019/20130.500 / 175.500351.000702.0001.404.0002.807.0003.500.0004.500.000
2018/19121.000 / 166.000332.000664.0001.328.0002.656.0003.500.0004.500.000

Historic Calculation: Distribution of Revenue

How to qualify for the DFB-Pokal

The participants in the DFB Pokal are divided as follows:

  • 1. Bundesliga: Rank 1-18: 18 Clubs
  • 2. Bundesliga: Rank 1-18: 18 Clubs
  • 3. Liga: Rank 1-4: 4 Clubs (Because FC Bayern Munich was 1st in the 3. Liga rank 5 is qualified)
  • 21 Winners of the “Landespokal” in the Federal States: 21 Clubs
  • Bavaria,  “Niedersachsen” and “Westfalen” as the biggest federal associations: 3 Clubs

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