Champions League

Calculation: Revenue Distribution 2020/2021: Before the Finals

RankClubTotal Performance Related Bonus Starting FeesUEFA Coefficient RankingMarket Pool
1.Real Madrid 115.374.26742.350.00015.250.00035.456.00022.318.267
2.Paris Saint-Germain 113.862.40042.800.00015.250.00027.700.00028.112.400
3.Manchester City108.461.94846.809.09115.250.00025.484.00020.918.857
4.FC Chelsea106.128.85745.800.00015.250.00031.024.00014.054.857
5.Bayern München 97.926.45036.650.00015.250.00034.348.00011.678.450
6.FC Liverpool 92.209.42932.900.00015.250.00022.160.00021.899.429
7.FC Barcelona 87.792.40223.409.09115.250.00033.240.00015.893.311
8.Juventus Turin85.743.42423.409.09115.250.00029.916.00017.168.333
9.Borussia Dortmund83.081.40033.500.00015.250.00024.376.0009.955.400
10.Atlético Madrid 78.731.91118.500.00015.250.00032.132.00012.849.911
11.FC Porto75.667.27332.027.27315.250.00026.592.0001.798.000
12.FC Sevilla70.724.51122.400.00015.250.00023.268.0009.806.511
13.Manchester United 63.924.8578.100.00015.250.00028.808.00011.766.857
14.Lazio Rom56.280.58319.400.00015.250.00012.188.0009.442.583
15.Atalanta Bergamo 53.107.83320.300.00015.250.0005.540.00012.017.833
16.RB Leipzig 52.797.10020.300.00015.250.0009.972.0007.275.100
17.Inter Mailand51.704.2505.850.00015.250.00017.728.00012.876.250
18.Olympique Marseille49.083.0182.781.81815.250.00013.296.00017.755.200
19.Borussia Mönchengladbach46.158.05017.600.00015.250.0007.756.0005.552.050
20.Shakhtar Donetsk 44.928.6758.100.00015.250.00021.052.000526.675
21.Ajax Amsterdam 44.155.0006.900.00015.250.00019.944.0002.061.000
22.Olympiacos FC36.239.8182.781.81815.250.00015.512.0002.696.000
23.Dynamo Kiew36.002.6433.681.81815.250.00016.620.000450.825
24.Zenit St. Petersburg35.580.158900.00015.250.00018.836.000594.158
25.Club Brugge KV 35.290.0008.100.00015.250.00011.080.000860.000
26.RB Salzburg35.004.0004.050.00015.250.00014.404.0001.300.000
27.Stade Rennes33.898.400900.00015.250.0004.432.00013.316.400
28.Lokomotive Moskau27.332.3082.700.00015.250.0008.864.000518.308
29.FC Krasnodar27.102.5334.800.00015.250.0006.648.000404.533
30.Istanbul Basaksehir23.046.0002.700.00015.250.0003.324.0001.772.000

Part I : Performanced Based Bonuses

The bonuses in part 1 are based on the performance of the club in the Champions League 2020/2021 season, where the following distribution applies:

Distribution of Revenue UEFA Champions League Season 2020/2021   
Performance-related BonusesBonus (Euro)Total (Euro)Clubs
Group Stage – Win2.700.000 32
Group Stage – Draw900.000 32
Group Stage – Rest900.000 32
Group Stage – Total 259.200.00032
Round of 169.500.000152.000.00016
Total 577.200.000 

The winner will receive 2.7 million euros per match. The remaining amounts (900,000 euros per draw) will be distributed at the end to all participating clubs according to the number of matches won in the group phase.

Part II: Starting Bonus

All 32 participating clubs will receive a starting bonus of 15.25 million euros.

Part III: UEFA Coefficient Ranking

The smallest part will be distributed on the basis of a UEFA ten-year ranking. Each share corresponds to 1,108,000 euros. The worst placed team receives a share, with an additional share for each rank. The best placed team with 32 shares receives 35.460.000 Euro.

Click here for the UEFA coefficient ranking.

Part IV: Market Pool

This sum will be distributed pro rata to the relevant association according to the value of the television market represented by the clubs participating in the UEFA Champions League and then distributed to the clubs concerned. This means that the amount to be distributed varies from country to country.

The sum of the market pool to be distributed is divided into two parts.

Market Pool Part 1: 146 Million Euros (50%)

These are distributed among all national associations with at least one club in the group phase. However, not in equal shares but proportionally according to the respective value of the respective television market of the individual associations. Means: Italian clubs earn more than German clubs despite the equal number of participating clubs, since the value of the television market is higher.

This share is then distributed among the clubs of the association according to their performance in the national competitions of the previous season. The exact distribution within an association depends on how many clubs participate.

The distribution:

Distribution Market Pool Part 14 Clubs3 Clubs2 Clubs1 Club
Third Place20,00%20,00%
Fourth Place10,00%

In Germany for example there are 4 clubs in the 2019/2020 season with Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig and Bayer Leverkusen.

Market pool part 2: 146 million euros (50%)

The remaining 146 million Euros are based on the matches played in the current Champions League season.

Also here proportional to the respective value of the respective television market of the individual associations. For example, if clubs 1 and 2 are eliminated in the preliminary round and club 3 wins the Champions League, the market pool is distributed as follows:

  • Club 1 and 2: 6/25 each (6 preliminary rounds matches/total matches of all clubs of the association) = 24% each
  • Club 3: 13/25 = 52%