If you are interested in the Salaries of Fantasy Club, the following questions arise:

  • How much do the players earn Fantasy Club have?
  • How high are the player wages at Fantasy Club ?
  • How much does Fantasy Club spend on player wages?
  • How much does Fantasy Club spend on other expenses?

First question: Where do I get these financial data in the first place?

The 4 varaints which come into consideration:

Variant 1: The published annual financial statements
Variant 2: Published data from the association
Variant 3: Published data via the club website or other media
Variant 4: There is no published data.

What does player salary actually mean?

The income is all the income of the player. For most of them, this consists mainly of the salary, but other income of a player comes in particular from sponsorship.

When the media talk about player salaries, it is usually the estimated salary of the player. Sometimes it is not clear whether this is actually the player’s basic salary or the total salary including bonuses.

As a rule, the gross salaries are given in the media and not the net salaries. The net salary is “what’s left over” when you subtract non-wage costs including taxes from the gross salary.

In the balance sheets of the clubs one finds the personnel costs or the personnel expenditure. However, these represent the costs of the entire club and not just the players, even if the costs of the professional squad probably represent the majority of the costs.

Published Annual Financial Statements

The published annual financial statesments and more data, especially from previous years, can be found in the Database.

Published Data and Links

More data, especially from previous years, can be found in the Database.

Serious?: “Serious” sources cannot exist, as there is no obligation to publish. Contract contents are only accessible to the player, consultant and the club. Therefore I ask you to enjoy the link collection with caution.

Gross or net: In the published sources the salaries are usually given as gross salary. Footballers pay tax on their income up to the limit of 270,501 Euros at the top tax rate (42%), above that at 45% (so-called wealth tax).

Important: This collection of links is not intended as a valuation of the salaries of players. As a professional soccer player, you naturally earn significantly more than the “average citizen”. I reserve the right to remove comments that are not factual.

Bonuses: As a rule, the salaries mentioned in the links only include base salaries and not bonuses, as well as advertising revenue. Common bonuses include points bonuses (X euros per point), promotion and non-relegation bonuses, and bonuses for qualifying for certain table positions or competitions such as the UEFA Champions League or the UEFA Europa League.